Haflah Zikir Perdana Sedunia 2018 highlighted the mission and vision of the Pertubuhan Tarekat Muktabar Malaysia (PERTAMA) which is:


  1. To build a movement based on knowledge and Islamic practices according to the Sunnah of Wal-Jamaah and the hadeeth of Asy’ariah and Maturidiah.
  2. To mainstream the role of tarekat and tasawwuf in the national development.
  3. To hold welfare activities especially for the Muslim community and Malaysians in general and to set up a welfare fund where there is a need.
  4. Defending and correcting misconceptions about tasawwuf targets based on scientific studies and legitimacy of the Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijma ‘Ulama and Qias and ensuring the sanctity of the practice and holdings of tarekat and tasawwuf is always guided by the Quran, Sunnah, Ijma’ and Qias.
  5. Establish cooperation with religious authorities and other government agencies, at states and countries.
  6. Establishing a friendship among the members of the religious practitioners group in Malaysia.



HAFLAH ZIKIR PERDANA SEDUNIA 2018 still maintaining the theme of “Islam Is Peace” to create the peace, harmony and tolerance of the plural society in Malaysia.



  1. The Zikir Perdana Movement is a movement based on the mission and vision of the Pertubuhan Tarekat Muktabar Malaysia (PERTAMA) by inviting people to remember and obey Allah SWT which is to impose zikrullah in all aspects of life. The success of the Majlis Zikir Perdana 2015 and 2016 has sparked the movement of the Haflah Zikir Perdana Sedunia 2017 as an effort to instill Islamic civilization.
  2. The foundation for Islamic civilization included the aspect of heartfelt, love and longing and celebrates faith in Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW. The role of the khalifah is to give the faith and obedience in all aspects of life such as the development of entertainment, learning, business and knowledge as well as revealing a life that has a relationship and purpose to achieve His pleasure.Towards a movement that is the result of the revival of Islamic civilization based on the knowledge and practice of Islam according to the Sunnah of Wal-Jamaah, attest to Asyai’rah and Maturidiyyah. This is what is the foundation of Haflah Zikir Perdana Sedunia organization.
  3. In the first and second years of the organization, Pertubuhan Tarekat Muktabar Malaysia (PERTAMA) only focuses on the Majlis Zikir Perdana Sedunia. Meanwhile, the third year, and last year, PERTAMA started the Haflah Zikir Perdana Sedunia and creating several additional components that received the celebration. Haflah Zikir Perdana Sedunia will be continued this year with consistently. The Haflah Zikir Perdana Sedunia Movement is expected to be an annual event celebrating Islamic humility and inviting people to remember Allah in all day-to-day activities. Haflah Zikir Perdana Sedunia is actively promoted at Southeast Asia and the world. Discussions are ongoing in 2 Southeast Asian Nations and 2 African Countries to host Haflah in their country.
  4. Hosted by Haflah Zikir Perdana 2018,with the theme of “Islam is Peace” keep the same event components such as the International Ulama Conference, World Sama ‘Fest, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi Cup Contest, Tasawwuf Tariff Symposium, Asnaf Movement, Majlis Zikir Perdana, Tafaqquh Fiddin Council and plus 1 new event component for the International Archery Festival.

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